Friday, December 9, 2011

Bargain Hunter

no i'm not a bargain hunter, but my AJD is.  as i mentioned in an earlier blog, AJD has been on the hunt for a new watch that has a brown leather strap.  he already has a silver tag heuer watch but now wanted one with a leather strap and since he hearts blue suits (which he has to wear everyday at work) brown leather was the way to go.

side story: AJD did not buy his tag heuer watch.  tag heuer is supa fancy and expensive.  AJD's nanny actually found the watch outside a few years ago and turned it into the police, but called back to see if anyone had claimed it.  apparently the police only hold it for a certain amount of time and then it's up for grabs, so nanny called back up, claimed the watch, and gave it to AJD so he'd be supa fancy.

anywho, he was looking into getting a watch from jcrew, but it was too pricey for AJD's tastes.  so he did some internet research (AJD is a whiz on the internet.  whenever i cry when a site has sold out of something in my size he always finds it from some random website for me.  i now proudly receive sale announcements from a store in wisconsin where i once bought a coat.) and found a few options.  then he asked me opinion.  this is what he went with (and it also happened to by my fav):
it's a skagen and it's a beut.  he got it from macy's which was having a 15% off sale (i think 15%, might've been 20%) plus AJD had an old gift card so he got this sucker for under $100.  pretty impressive.  i'm happy AJD has a new watch and i like it so much i may borrow it in the future (he doesn't know this yet).

AJD and i differ on our shopping styles, but we also differ on our usage of gift cards.  i get a gift card and it burns a hole in my pocket.  i legit need to use it as soon as possible.  sometimes i save it if there's something specific i'm looking for, but that's once in a great while.  AJD, on the other hand, saves his gift cards FOR-EVER (word up sandlot).  he's one of those people that keeps gift cards so long that they depreciate in value and he has to call the number on the back of the card to make sure there's still money left on them.  this is not a bad thing.  he just takes his time while shopping and only buys things that he really really wants or actually needs.  i clearly don't do this, but that's why i have a blog about clothes and other things and he does not.

it's finally the weekend and i'm super excited, except that i think i'm getting sick.  boo hiss.  i have 2 christmas parties this weekend and a sore throat cannot be on the agenda.  time to hydrate!

p.s. big baby left the celtics in a trade and went to the orlando magic.  i'll miss the loveable dude.  good thing i follow him on twitter so i can still get my fill.  also marquis daniels is back with the celtics.  this doesn't excite me a whole lot.  he's good but he's very skinny and he reminds me of someone who would've been fredro starr's homey in save the last dance.  i can't explain this at all.  just go watch save the last dance cause it has an awesome soundtrack and julia stiles has some seriously terrible hairstyles in that movie.

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