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Muy Caliente

i totes forgot to write about this years hell night experience.  what's hell night you ask.  well it takes place at east coast grill in inman square in cambridge.  basically this awesome restaurant conjures up a special menu of delicious food with extremely crazy spices/peppers.  it's so hot that the waiters, bartenders, and cooks wear bandanas over their faces so they can stand the spicy steam.  this was mine and AJDs second year going and it was a delight per usual.  we sat right at the raw bar so we had a extra fun seat for the evening.  our table tried loads of things that were uber spicy.  we didn't finish it all but the spices were spectacular.  here's what our table had:
-4 Island Creek Oysters with Pequin - Napa Kimchee Puree (for free for sitting at the raw bar!)
-Phucket Style Wings of Ass Destruction with Bird Chiles, Nuoc Cham & Aromatic Herbs
-Crispy, Hell Hot Pork Spare Rib with Guava - Lava Glaze and Inner Beauty Hot Sauce
-Buffalo Style Smoked Beef Bone with Great Hill Blue Cheese & Smoked Cayenne Buffalo Sauce
-Low Country Crawfish Boil with Beer, Butter & Chipotle Chile 
-Azazel’s Fire Blackened Sirloin with Housemade Guajillo Chili Steak Sauce, Habanero Mashed P otatoes & Old School Broccoli Casserole
-Lamb 2 Way: Corainder - Trinidad Scorpion Rubbed Lamb Shoulder and Pequin Chile Merguez with Sweet n’ Hot Eggplant, Curried Chick Peas & Trinidad Scorpion Date Chutney

and here's a quick pic of AJD's and my main dishes:
next i wanted to give a quick review of the girl with the dragon tattoo.  first off it's a david fincher film so it had that david fincher like quality (if you've seen his other movies).  the locations where the movie was shot was perfect.  it was exactly as i pictured while reading the book.  i was much happier with the casting of blomvquist and erica in the u.s. version.  the swedish version (i assume had far less funding) had actors who weren't what i pictured while reading, save for one.  for me noomi rapace was lisbeth salander.  rooney mara in the u.s. version did a great job no doubt, but i loved noomi more in the swedish version.  it was definitely a good movie, but for me i don't think that it's worth all the hype.  although i think i liked the swedish version a lot more than most people.  definitely go see it if you've read the book.  if you haven't read the book, you should do that first.  i am excited to see the next two movies as i think the swedish versions for movies two and three weren't as good as the first.

finally, the pictures on this blog are about to get an upgrade...
santa AJD is making this blog supa fancy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

so i know i said that it would be a while until i buy a new wool coat, but.......
isn't she purdy?!  i saw online earlier today that it was on sale, down from $75 to $50.  so when i was running errands today i decided to check it out in store.  so the original price was $75 and i picked it up on sale for $29!!!!  i couldn't pass that up.  the sleeves are 3/4 length, which i always poo poo-ed at, but then i realized that i can wear it when it's not deathly cold out and definitely in the fall.  plus how awesome is the color and the striped lining?!  merry christmas to me!

AJD and i are heading to an early morning show of the girl with the dragon tattoo before the christmas eve festivities begin.  review to follow.

merry christmas eve eve!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green Like a Christmas Tree

so i saw a girl on the t this morning in an emerald green jacket.  it was refreshing to see a non-black or gray winter coat.  i've always wanted a bright colored wool coat since when i wear my wool coat with black pants and black shoes i look like i'm in mourning.  i've always wanted the lady day coat from jcrew in either green or navy.  this season they don't have a navy one.  check out the delightful green version:
image from
i think the next time i need a new wool coat i'll finally invest in a jcrew one.  i usually buy one super on sale at macy's or some department store at the end of the season to save some loot but i've re-rationalized it in my mind.  i live in massachusetts where you wear a coat more than you don't over a year period so it really does make sense.  yes, yes it does.  unfortunately my wool coat is only a couple years old so this purchase won't be happening anytime soon, but a girl can dream.

oh yeah, one more day of work and then it's christmas!!!  hollerrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bring the Beat In

so over the past weekend i downloaded the new beyonce cd and i'm now a huge fan of her song "love on top."  it's the song she performed on the latest vma's when she announced she was preggo.  it's seriously the happiest/most upbeat song and puts me in a good mood even when a larger than average lady squeezes into the seat next to me on the t but can't really fit but she still jams herself in and thus sits on my leg and gives me dead leg.
check it out.

Monday, December 19, 2011

One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater

i'm a lucky gal and got an early christmas present from mama s.  check it out:
it's an awesome brown leather/purple stone bracelet from banana republic.  mama s suggested in her card that i stack some bracelets with it (since she is a blog reader and remembered my earlier post regarding my new found love of stacking bracelets) which is exactly what i was thinking.  my brain is already churning about how i'm going to wear it on chrismas day with my striped dress.  oh the possibilities.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


so on friday AJD and i planned to go out to dinner after returning something to banana republic so i wandered around some stores (lots of stores) until he was ready and then i met up with him at his office.  look at how festive the lobby of his office is:
we stopped by the banana in fanueil hall and got to see some lovely decorations:
i've lived in massachusetts all my life and in the boston area going on seven years and i don't think i've ever seen the fanueil hall christmas tree.  i must say it's pretty spectacular.

we had a super dinner at hillstone, which replaced houston's.  it's kind of pricey but we had the roasted artichokes for an app and then i had a salad and AJD had a french dip sandwich so we didn't get any of the fancy entrees.  delicious.

AJD and i are heading for an early morning showing of the new sherlock holmes.  i'm excited.  movies before 10 am are super cool.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


so giuliana rancic had a successful double mastectomy surgery.  her hottie boom bottie husband bill tweeted that all went well.  i've always been a fan of giuliana and bill.  bill is a total babe and knows a thing or two about real estate (the houses/property they buy and sell on their reality show in chicago is insane).  hope giuliana recovers quickly and can get back to life as usual.  double mastectomy would be loads to handle, but i think she'll be able to come out even better on the other side.
see what i mean. bill is a total fox.

so i went to banana republic earlier in the week to get a gift card for the boss lady at work (she also has a shopping problem like myself and i like to aid her addiction).  when i was waiting in line, the store manager came up to me and asked if i was there for an interview.  when i said no she got very embarrassed and told me my outfit was great.  ok, so maybe she was just trying to be nice, but it made my day.  i think it had to do with my knee socks that i had over my tights and under my boots.  if you haven't tried this stye i highly recommend.  it adds warmth and it's super trendy.  see example below from one of my favorite blogs, what would a nerd wear:
she's not wearing tights under the socks, but you get the idea.  do it.

there was less than nothing on tv when i got home today so i perused hbo on demand and voila, season 1 of the wire.  welp, guess i'll have no life until i rewatch these four episodes.  the wire just sucks you in.

oh yeah i'm also attempting to make baked sweet potato fries as a side for dinner tonight.  we'll see how that goes...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yikes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe Gum!

everyone must run, not walk to the gap (or to your computer and connect to the internet) and buy this dress:
image from
it's stretchy, comfy, and totally a work appropriate length.  it looks extra amazeballs cinched with a belt.  do it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a Chinese Christmas

last night my old roomies came over for a good old fashion chinese christmas.  we had delicious chinese food and exchanged gifts.  it was delightful and i came back with quite the haul:
brown sweater/sweatshirt from banana republic factory store
bare minerals eye shadow
pleione shirt from nordstrom
undies from victoria's secret
 earrings from coldwater creek and body wash from victoria's secret.

as i said, quite the hall.  i am one lucky duck this christmas already.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bargain Hunter

no i'm not a bargain hunter, but my AJD is.  as i mentioned in an earlier blog, AJD has been on the hunt for a new watch that has a brown leather strap.  he already has a silver tag heuer watch but now wanted one with a leather strap and since he hearts blue suits (which he has to wear everyday at work) brown leather was the way to go.

side story: AJD did not buy his tag heuer watch.  tag heuer is supa fancy and expensive.  AJD's nanny actually found the watch outside a few years ago and turned it into the police, but called back to see if anyone had claimed it.  apparently the police only hold it for a certain amount of time and then it's up for grabs, so nanny called back up, claimed the watch, and gave it to AJD so he'd be supa fancy.

anywho, he was looking into getting a watch from jcrew, but it was too pricey for AJD's tastes.  so he did some internet research (AJD is a whiz on the internet.  whenever i cry when a site has sold out of something in my size he always finds it from some random website for me.  i now proudly receive sale announcements from a store in wisconsin where i once bought a coat.) and found a few options.  then he asked me opinion.  this is what he went with (and it also happened to by my fav):
it's a skagen and it's a beut.  he got it from macy's which was having a 15% off sale (i think 15%, might've been 20%) plus AJD had an old gift card so he got this sucker for under $100.  pretty impressive.  i'm happy AJD has a new watch and i like it so much i may borrow it in the future (he doesn't know this yet).

AJD and i differ on our shopping styles, but we also differ on our usage of gift cards.  i get a gift card and it burns a hole in my pocket.  i legit need to use it as soon as possible.  sometimes i save it if there's something specific i'm looking for, but that's once in a great while.  AJD, on the other hand, saves his gift cards FOR-EVER (word up sandlot).  he's one of those people that keeps gift cards so long that they depreciate in value and he has to call the number on the back of the card to make sure there's still money left on them.  this is not a bad thing.  he just takes his time while shopping and only buys things that he really really wants or actually needs.  i clearly don't do this, but that's why i have a blog about clothes and other things and he does not.

it's finally the weekend and i'm super excited, except that i think i'm getting sick.  boo hiss.  i have 2 christmas parties this weekend and a sore throat cannot be on the agenda.  time to hydrate!

p.s. big baby left the celtics in a trade and went to the orlando magic.  i'll miss the loveable dude.  good thing i follow him on twitter so i can still get my fill.  also marquis daniels is back with the celtics.  this doesn't excite me a whole lot.  he's good but he's very skinny and he reminds me of someone who would've been fredro starr's homey in save the last dance.  i can't explain this at all.  just go watch save the last dance cause it has an awesome soundtrack and julia stiles has some seriously terrible hairstyles in that movie.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say No To Jorts

so i just got back from wrapping up my christmas shopping.  i still need to buy some gift cards but i don't count that as shopping.  everything i bought except one thing was on sale.  this is very impressive for me.  i literally would prefer to pay full price than be in a crowded store that's having a massive sale.  black friday is my definition of a nightmare come true.  when i was younger, i was a big fan of express.  i rarely bought anything on sale there.  express would have these blowout sales but would just dump clothes in boxes separated by sizing (until people mixed the sizes and then it was extra aggravating).  dear all stores, never do this.  it's the biggest turn off ever.  i don't want to dig through clothes and then pay money for them.  i want them nicely hung or folded in size order.  maybe this is my ocd kicking in but it just always bothered me.

anywho, sad news.  i previously wrote about the crazy duggar family going for baby#20.  i read today that mama michelle found out she miscarried when her and papa jim bob went to the drs to find out the baby's sex.  regardless of my feelings on the number of children they have, this is the worst thing ever.  it's one thing to choose to terminate a pregnancy but miscarriages are unreal to me.  i don't know how people handle this.  it has to be one of the most crushing things to ever happen.  i'll be curious if she gets preggo again.

so the biebs and selenita are on vacation.  a lot of blogs are commenting on how happy they look, how great selena looks in a bathing suit, and how skinny the biebs is.  take a look at this picture and try to figure out what my first comment was:
ummmmm, why is he wearing jorts?  jean shorts.  hells no.  jorts at the beach.  double hells no.  come on biebs, lock it up.  also eat a cheeseburger or seven.

oh yeah, i bought this for myself while christmas shopping for others (its hard to tell but its a cardigan sweater with overlapping sides...also hard to explain):

its different for me (less prepster, more hipster) but i like it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Egg

so remember when i said that i've been playing caretaker to AJD for the last week.  well i came home today to a super surprise:
what a good egg that AJD is.  it was an awesome surprise that made my tuesday.

on top of that, i am no longer in a fight with gap/banana/old navy etc.  after i emailed inquiring why my package was taking so long to ship they gave me some lame excuse but then shipped my package via fast fedex instead of regular ups so i'll have it in time for my present swap with my old roomates.  since i'm not in a fight with them anymore, is having 40% off everything until 12/9 so if you need any on sale christmas gifts, go nuts.

glorious tuesday all around.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frozen Banana

sorry the blog has been lacking posts as of late.  i've been playing nurse/caretaker to AJD.  he got some shoulder surgery on wednesday and is basically without use of his left arm.  he's progressing back to normal quite nicely but has about a 6 inch incision so it will be a long recovery. 

i've been in charge of doing most things around the apt and let me tell you i miss AJD's left arm.  we had been bad and hadn't cleaned the apt in let's just say a while.  so i cleaned the whole apt myself yesterday.  it sucks cleaning by yourself.  AJD is da bomb and doesn't mind cleaning.  we normally split up the cleaning and frankly our apt would be a pig-sty if i didn't have his help because frankly i wouldn't want to clean as often if i had to do it all myself.

before his surgery i did get some christmas shopping done.  i headed to copley place in boston.  yes, it's one of the more expensive places to shop in boston (2nd to newbury st.) but the stores are all so nice and i swear they have sales.  i got a couple gifts at jcrew but what i was most excited about was the shopping bags.  yes, i know this is super lame, but i was looking forward to checking out the jcrew holiday bags because i read the jcrew blog ( they have one and yes i read it...i also read banana republic's blog (  i love blogs, what can i say) and they did a post on the upcoming shopping bag.
some people get excited about starbucks switching their seasonal coffees or getting the red cups for the holidays, i get excited about holiday shopping bags.

besides jcrew and a couple other stores, i did the bulk of my shopping at banana republic.  they were having awesome sales and i cleaned up on christmas gifts.  i also may have bought a few things for myself.  a bunch of the purchases that i made online from jcrew arrived and weren't up to snuff so those got returned so i felt it a-okay to buy a few items for good old me while christmas shopping.  i picked up this awesome navy blue/gray striped sweater dress that i'll most likely save and wear for the first time on christmas.  i had tried on a striped sweater dress at jcrew that was more than double the price of this dress so i was happy i held out for the banana.
unfortunately i am now in a fight with banana/gap/etc.  i ordered a bunch of christmas gifts online on 11/28 and they still haven't shipped.  what the hell.  i'm supposed to exchange gifts with my old roomies on sunday and their gifts are contingent on this package.  so, we are in a fight.

on a lighter note, i miss will and grace.  not random people, the t.v. show.  one of my fav episodes took place in what jack referred to as "the banana."  they bought turtlenecks and it was awesome.

also i watched the pilot episode of arrested development this weekend.  AJD is a fan and with the upcoming movie, he wants me to become a fan as well.  i did enjoy baby michael cera making out with his cousin and working at the family's frozen banana stand.  i heart will arnett and portia derossi so i'll be watching more episodes.

also i realized that the timestamp that happens when i add a new post was always hours off.  yeah so it was on pacific time and has now been updated to eastern time.  what an improvement.