Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Lurkey Doo and Turkey Lurkey Da

hey-yo.  happy almost thanksgiving.  my thanksgiving kicked off on monday with a work thanksgiving party where the main event was a turducken.  chicken stuffed in a duck (or the other way around) stuffed in a turkey with crawfish stuffing.  no bones, all goodness.  it was a whole lot of meat but all of it was tasty.  even with all the meat, my favorite part was the stuffing.  spicy crawfish and rice, how can you go wrong?

tonight i have to make my (i think) 5th round of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the year.  i'm actually tired of making these cookies.  unfortunately there was a request for them at AJD's mom's house tomorrow, so I'll be making them once again.  i'm also in charge of the vegetables (not including potatoes).  i know i'm making roasted brussel sprouts, but for the second dish i'm not so sure.  i went to my trusty for some ideas, and i think carrots with dill may be the ultimate winner.  i know green bean casserole is what most people do but frankly i don't like mushrooms even though i like green bean casserole.  i think if i made it myself and saw the amount of mushrooms that actually go in, it would deter me from eating it.

my goal this thanksgiving is to not throw up.  ha.  yes throw up.  last year AJD and i went to 3 thanksgivings.  i tried to eat small portions at the first 2 since my parent's house was last and their food is my favorite, but i think it was just all too much so my stomach literally couldn't hold it in and i threw up everything i ate in the middle of the night.  the only good thing about it was that i didn't have a food hangover the next day like everyone else did.  so i'm dreaming big this year and hoping for a puke-free turkey day.

so since i've put myself on a shopping ban, i only have one outfit to talk about.  (btw, the shopping ban is lifted after thanksgiving so get ready for packages!)  so when banana republic announced that they were doing a mad men themed collection, i fell in love.  the fact that it came out right around my birthday in august made it even better (birthday coupons say heeeeeey).  unfortunately i didn't end up getting anything mad men themed, but the banana on newbury st (which is 4 floors - take the elevator to the top and work your way down - learned this the hard way) got the whole fall collection at the same time.  I ended up getting this awesome fall watercolored dress that you can see in the picture below:
sorry the pic is so small.  in the pic they pair the dress with a beige turtleneck.  i don't do turtlenecks.  so i did what every fashion mag and fashion show and fashion blogger has ever told me and that is to take a summery/early fall piece (like this silk dress) and winterize it.  i paired it with brown tights, brown knee high boots and a navy blue sweater cardigan.  if i do say so myself, it was superb.  i got 2 compliments on it at work and if someone compliments me on my outfit i like to give myself a pat on the back.  i even did my hair nicely which is a rarity for work.  they may have just noticed me since i didn't have my ever popular low ponytail and/or bun like i usually do.

today i'm wearing the closest thing i could come up with that wasn't my pajamas that can still pass as work attire.  we had serious rain this morning so i really didn't want to get out of bed.  so a trendy outfit and getting my hair did was not in my plan this morning.  AJD did not enjoy the rain either so he opted to wait for me to get up and then we drove into boston.  carpool lane holler if you hear me!

so i hope everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving and try not to puke!

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