Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Banned in the USA

so i'm attempting to not shop.  its been hard.  i have a problem as i've said before.  i really want to start christmas shopping, but i'm holding out a little longer.  today, i came into work with a nice surprise.  a new necklace!  and no shopping/spending money required.  one of the docs i work with has been in haiti for the past few weeks.  she brought me back this awesome red necklace completely made out of seeds.  its unique and beautiful and i don't have a red necklace so its perfect to add to my ever growing collection.

so AJD has been on the hunt for a new watch with a brown leather strap.  he's much more frugal than i am so he searches for things for a long time before he'll actually buy something, especially when it's a big purchase.  and voila, jcrew new winter arrivals come through:
image from jcrew.com
isn't it purdy?  well so AJD, being the smart shopper that he is, wanted to see it in real life, wanted to know if it was available in stores or just on line, and what the dimensions are (some men's watches are bigger than my head).  so at first i thought, oh just call the store.  but then i remembered jcrew has this chat function on their website where you can chat with people directly at jcrew in real time.  you don't have to send an email and then wait forevs for a response.  so i chatted with stephanie and she answered all my questions in about 5 minutes.  she even hand measured the band since the dimensions weren't written in the watch write up.  super helpful.  another point for jcrew.

got to cut this short. law and order svu is on.  who doesn't love olivia and elliot and my fav b.d. wong.  happy tuesday!

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