Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Bird Pretty Things

so last night i went out with a one miss welles (shout out to my first blog follower) to trina's starlite lounge for some dins and drinks.  this picture is actually from a different visit to trina's but i got the same drink last night.  delicious pretty things.  awesome name, awesome beer in an awesome glass.  i got my tried and true, chicken and waffles with spicy syrup.  always delicious.  miss welles got pumpkin ravioli which also was quite tasty.  we both got pumpkin chocolate chip pie to go.  AJD and i enjoyed it when i got home.  it was eh.  wasn't bad, wasn't super, just okay.  check out trina's if you ever get the chance:

yesterday i also tried out my chambray shirt and black skirt combo.  super comfortable and super easy.  i was planning on taking a picture when i got home, but as i always do, i spilled on myself while eating.  i basically always spill on myself so outfit pictures at the end of the day are not in my future.

i know it's super trendy to wear multiple bracelets.  it's never been my thing.  i'm not saying it's now my go to move, but this week i've been testing it out with a couple of different bracelets.  this combo is my favorite:
the turquoise bracelet is from the store zinnia in harvard square.  its super affordable and has lots of really pretty things (mmm pretty things).  the orange/brown bracelet is from banana republic.  both have button closures which i love.  easy on/off and i think the buttons look good with the rest of the bracelet.

also very exciting today was i came home to find that my elusive backordered color block jcrew shirt had arrived.  love the shirt but not sure how i feel about it with the green skirt combo.  the brown part of the colorblock is darker than it looks in the picture.  i'm going to keep it but may not pair it with my fancy new skirt.

also new winter arrivals at jcrew today.  it's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrrrrrrr.  i'm not allowing myself to look though.  nothing will be on sale and frankly the people that work at my apt complex who sign for my packages definitely judge me on the amount of packages i have been picking up lately.  but soon i will peruse what is out there.  i'll probably start christmas shopping soon so more packages are in my future.  soon.  very soon.

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  1. Just saw this post, thanks for the shout out NJE! I also thought that the pumpkin choc chip pie was ehhh. I ate it, but was not impressed. Thanks for joining me on my first trip to Trina's! :)