Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not in my liquid dreams (shout out to O-Town)

so lunch on friday involved getting some udon noodle soup and sushi at ginza in chinatown with miss andrea.  holy cannoli.  ginza is delicious.  i had a lunch special of udon noodle soup with spicy tuna rolls and green tea.  I immediately dove in and totes forgot to snap a pic for my fancy new blog so you'll have to settle for my placemat:
take my word for it and go to ginza.  it's right near the chinatown entrance/arch.  i'll be back again for sure and maybe will take a picture before i start inhaling my food next time.

after work i was meeting AJD and others for drinks and since he's a working machine i had some time to kill, so i obv went to jcrew in copley to see what kind of sales they had going on and to try and find my liquid silk skirt.  i got there, they had 3 left.  one was my size and it was on sale from $118 to $39.  SCORE!  unfortunately in the dressing room was not a score.  weirdest length ever.  i have long legs and this thing just chopped me off mid calf and was less than flattering.  fortunatley i did make one purchase of a chambray shirt.  fancy way of saying looks like a jean shirt but way softer fabric.  i'm attempting to steal an outfit from a blog i read (  she looks awesome in the chambray shirt and black skirt, but we'll see if i can pull it off, but regardless is was a super soft shirt and on sale, good enough for me.

saturday was a full day with AJD woohoo!  we went and saw moneyball (sidenote: movies that are $6 and at 10:30 am are delightful).  he read the book and really liked the movie, i just saw the movie and thought it was good but kind of slow in parts.  brad pitt of course looked awesome.  seriously aging super gracefully.  it was actually nice to see wrinkles on him.  sad to think that its odd to see wrinkles on people in hollywood but brad still looks good, wrinkles and all.  after that we hit up the mall to find casual brown shoes for AJD.  success at nordstrom.  super helpful dudes in the men's shoe section.  little pricey but the shoes are very nice and will last awhile (may have picked them out and may have strongly influenced the purchase).
when we got home we went for a long walk in the woods of melrose/the reservoir.  since it was daylight savings weekend, we got in a solid walk before it got dark.  it's now in that depressing time of year where its dark when i get up and dark when i leave work.  boo.  but we did get in a solid sunset over the reservoir during the walk:
today i've been a lazy bum, but i did go get a pedicure and manicure.  manicures usually last 35 seconds on my nails but i'm testing out a gel manicure cause it's supposed to last longer.  so far so good.  i was in no way planning on getting navy blue nails but i didn't like the original color that i chose and when they put it in one nail, i hated it so i had to pick a new color under pressure and panicked.

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  1. I was oh so bored at work when voilà, I remembered about this fab blog. Loved reading about your weekend and love your nail color. You inspired me to try the gel b/c I got a mani on Saturday and within 20 minutes had ruined it and had to go back and beg them to fix it for me.