Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liquid Candy

so last night i went to the cheesecake factory for my old roomie's bday celebration dinner.  the cheesecake factory is out of control.  it's the definition as to why america is overweight.  their menu is completely ridiculously over the top, but it is delicious.  as big as their menu is, i usually only order 2 things.  orange chicken or louisiana chicken pasta (hold the mushrooms).  last night to be extra gluttonous i ordered the pasta.  the portion is humongo so i will be enjoying it again for lunch today.  i also enjoyed 2 martinis.  strawberry (my fave from cheesecake) and i tried a new one, asian pear (not good, had a weird banana flavoring and i hate bananas).  so this taught me to stick with whats tried and true, even though the menu is gigantic.

while at cheesecake i returned my stupid stretch armstrong pants to ann taylor loft (only one pair) and then i perused banana republic and jcrew.  since i spend way too much money at banana i am a luxe card member.  that just means i spend oodles on my banana card and thus get serious cash back.  most people get like $5 or $10 off, but since i have a shopping problem i get at minimum $20 coupons and up to $40 coupons.  i currently have one burning a hole in my pocket and i wanted to use it last night but no dice.  for some reason banana likes to have some clothes be sized by numbers 2, 4, 6, etc and some as S, M, L.  Most of the time M works for me but with some fitted stuff i'd prefer it be a number size.  everything i liked was too big in some spots, too small in other spots.  highly annoying.  the salesgirl commiserated with me. 

so after that let down i went to jcrew.  oh jcrew, how i love thee.  so expensive yet i still love you.  the skirt i wanted to try on, they didn't have.  my new bff topher who works at jcrew explained that the copley jcrew (which is my fav jcrew in massachusetts-they have free personal shoppers who i have dress me just so i can see what kind of outfits go together and then i buy the cheapest part of the outfit and then use my already existing wardrobe to fill in the rest) got the skirt and it sold out in 2 days.  here's the skirt i wanted:
(image from
the skirt is called liquid silk and just looks really comfy.  it's also now on sale online but not enough for me so i'll patiently wait and hope they don't run out of my size.  instead i went home with this beauty which was on sale half off in store (its not on sale online):
(image from
anywho besides that yesterday i enjoyed my first halloween candy of the season and it was awesome.  snickers peanut butter gets 2 thumbs up from me.  (i may have eaten an additional butterfinger not pictured but maybe i didn''ll never know)
and finally is justin beiber a dad?  oh beibs, she's not even cute.  i agree with chelsea handler on chelsea lately last night that this is very "usher of him."  maybe he's trying to up his street cred.  his alleged line to the baby mama is my favorite: "no, let's not use a condom.  it's my first time.  i want to feel everything."   ahahahahahaha.  pure comedy.

speaking of pure comedy.  the trailer for the new twilight movie slays me.  AJD and i literally laughed out loud at the newest preview.  "i've been researching legends..." "the fetus is incompatible with your body.  it's too strong."  bahahahahahaha 

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