Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let me see that Tootsie Roll

friday night i headed out with a super group of ladies to estragon ( for some food and drinks.  delicious tapas and very different and unique drinks.   everything we tried was awesome.  the pringa was my absolute fave (beef shank, pork belly, chorizo, bone marrow on toast).  with your check you get these awesome black and white postcards.  i snagged both from our table:
i had a bunch of different drinks that were all delicious but caused a slight hangover on saturday morning.  i'm straight up awful at drinking now.  like real, real bad.  but delicious drinks make it all worthwhile.

saturday night a bunch o'people went up to methuen for a bday celebration.  good times had by all.  i may have overdone it with the giant bowl of tootsie rolls that were at the party.  i can't remember the last time i had a tootsie roll, but i definitely had my fill last night.  i woke up with what i like to call a tootsie roll hangover.  

to pass the time until the patriots' game starts, AJD and i are watching the movie "never let me go."  it's about kids in england who are bred and live to only become organ donors in their twenties.  it also involves a love triangle between carey mulligan, keira knightley, and andrew garfield.  yes, i understand that plot synopsis is the strangest thing ever, but it is an odd movie.  i am not a fan of keira and in this movie she's a snot.  andrew garfield is uber skinny so i'm not quite sure why emma stone is dating him in real life.  cause emma stone is a babe and deserves someone as equally foxy.  carey mulligan is just okay to me.  she's engaged to marcus mumford (aka the lead singer of mumford and sons).  marcus mumford is awesome.  i'm not sure how i feel about the two of them together.  i do think it's a crazy coincidence that they both became celebrities after growing up as elementary school penpals.  i had a penpal from japan but it was girl and she is most definitely not the lead singer of mumford and sons.  carey lucked out with her penpal.

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