Friday, November 18, 2011

It's the freakin weekend...

remember that awesome r. kelly jam ignition?  ah college.  a bunch of my friends and i are having a mini college reunion this weekend and so i cannot wait for everyone to arrive.  in the meantime, here's a recap from the last few days.

last night i went to a super dinner party thrown by an old coworker.  it was held at her apt (which also happens to be with her 2 uncles).  the apt is in charlestown literally across the street from the bunker hill monument.  weirdly i'd never been to the monument but conveniently they live next door to it so now i can say i've been there.  the apt was beyond gorgeous, specifically the roofdeck.  apparently it's been featured in the boston globe as one of the best roofdecks in boston and i totally concur.  here's a view of the monument from the street right outside the apt:
anywho, besides that i finally got the jewelry that i was having made/resized in the mail yesterday.  as i mentioned before my grams has cancer and so when she moved up to the great white north, she started bequeathing her jewels to the whole fam.  when i was growing up i always loved this emerald ring of hers that she said i could have when i was all growsed up.  she even had it resized for me in high school.  unfortunately that was during my sheryl swoops' phase during my bball career so my knuckles were usually jammed so the resized ring was too large and in charge for my now shall we say delicate (ha) fingers, so i had it resized round two:
i also had some old jewels that grams had given me remade so i could get more use out of them.  i had a pendant made into a ring and a ring made into earrings.  i had them all set in white gold since i wear that more than yellow gold.  both are my birth stone, peridot (shout out to august babies woop woop).  i should have taken before and after photos but the blog didnt exist before.

it's the week of new jewelry.  this one i had to pay for.  but thankfully i accumulated a lot of gold growing up and since i don't wear it, i traded it in to offset the price of these new jewels.

and in celebrity gossip, demi moore finally announced she's filing for divorce from ashton.  thank god.  the two of them together always pissed me off.  they were always parading all over eachother's twitter.  laaaame.  i like how the hoe that ashton cheated on demi with is now back in the tabloids saying i told you so and now do you believe me?  way to soak up the last 3 seconds of your five minutes of fame hoe.  hopefully the break up will inspire demi to eat something.  girlfriend is looking emaciated.

also, how long ago was daylight savings?  cause i still haven't changed my watch.  its closer to the weekend that way.  at least on my wrist.

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