Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How long do you think Kris Humphries' pants are?

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so the big gossip going around is that kim and kris kardashian/humphries are getting divorced after 72 days of marriage (this is a good example for why gay people should be able to be legally married.  if celebrities can get married 25 times for as long or as little time as they want then everyone, including gay people, should have the same right, but i digress).  was it a legit marriage?  was it all for money/publicity?  i don't really care.  kim is a babe and she knows how to make money.  simple as that.  girlfriend turned getting famous from being in a sex tape with stupid ray-jay to raking in an estimated $65 million last year along with the rest of her fam.  she can get divorced 19 times for all i care, it's her life.  basically the one thing i could never get over with them as a couple was their height difference.  she's midget-ish and he's gi-normous.  she's so much shorter than him even when shes wearing like 5 inch heels.  the height difference puts me on edge, but it also makes me slightly jealous.  AJD and i are basically the same height.  that means no heels outside of work for this kid.  sometimes i say screw it and just wear heels around him.  i try to say that me being taller than AJD doesn't bother me but frankly i don't like towering over everyone.  its not just AJD, but everyone in the world.  i'm 5'9" so when i wear heels i'm pushing 6' or taller depending on the shoe.  i sometimes feel like a monster when walking down the sidewalk and on the t.  anywhooooo, kim also never has to worry about pants not being long enough for her.  me on the other hand hold my breath when trying on pants.

here's the outcome of my most recent pants purchase:
sorry for the terrible cell phone picture (the pants are gray not black).  so the pants are too flipping long.  i hate when this happens.  i'm wearing 2 1/2 inch heels and the pants are dragging on the ground.  i'm sorry but i'm 5'9" so with these shoes i'm 5'11 1/2" which is gigantic for a girl.  there are not many almost 6' tall girls strolling around.  the pants don't need to be this long.  there is such a drastic difference between their regular length and tall length pants, i can't handle it.  i actually ordered a tweed pair of pants as well but they have a cuff at the bottom which will be a bitch to hem so im sending those back and keeping the plain gray ones from the picture.  these will for sure hang in my closet until i get the motivation to hem, which is not very often.  i may just take them to get hemmed somewhere but again that requires effort and i get lazy on the weekends.  on a happier note i also bought a new black open cardigan (no buttons) and its perfect.  so score one for another cardigan.  i'm now up to 6,092 cardigans, AJD will be thrilled (we share a closet and my clothes are inching their way more and more over to his "side").

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