Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i have a shopping problem.  a big one.  i try to only shop on paycheck weeks and i attempt to buy things that are on sale.  sometimes that doesn't happen:
it's official.  i love that penny loafers are trendy again.  i've always had a flat pair of loafers but never a nice comfortable wedge.  these bandolino suckers are comfy, plus i've been without a brown heel for a couple years now.  yes i said years.  its inhibited me from buying clothes that require brown heels.  but no more!  these were not on sale at all but they're not super pricey and i got them from endless.com which has free shipping, so i'll let myself slide.

p.s. if  you couldn't tell i have large and in charge tootsies.  my ski like feet (which by the way have no arch at all) can make even the cutest shoe look gross.  in conclusion, feet are not pretty, especially mine.

i am also awaiting the arrival of a shirt from jcrew.  yes i know i went to two different jcrew's in the past week, but this is an online only shirt.  i'm specifically buying it to go with my new green skirt.  the website had the skirt paired with the sweater version of the shirt i bought, but the sweater is a mock turtleneck (no thanks steve jobs) and i don't want to tuck in a sweater (the idea of tucking in a sweater is weird to me).  so i got the shirt on sale (bonus), but it keeps switching from being back ordered to available so i have no idea when it will arrive:
(image from jcrew.com)
i've been buying a lot of orange this fall and it really is delightful.  we'll see if i like this shirt/skirt combo in reality.  sometimes jcrew's outfits only work on people who weigh 85 pounds and since i'm slightly above that i always have to try stuff out.

last night AJD and i tried out stuffed (mozzarella and spinach) pork chops from Dom's in Malden (http://www.domsausage.com/).  I tried to go buy meat here once before, but i was procrastinating watching dvr-ed ellen and anderson after work and didn't make it by their 6 pm closing time.  AJD and i went on saturday and although pricey (as most butchers are) the staff was super duper friendly and helpful, and the meat is delicious.  i enjoyed leftovers for lunch today and round two was quite tasty as well.  we will definitely be back, but only once in awhile since the pricetags are on the larger side and i don't want food stopping me from being able to buy new clothes (ha).

tonight i went to crossfit (my gym).  this was the main part of the workout:
2 Rounds
- 25 Pull-ups
- 50 Push-ups
- 75 Squats
- 100 Sit-ups
no i cannot do a pull up but i can do a scaled down version with exercise bands.  i can't do 100 push-ups without doing the girly version on my knees but its still a crazy shoulder/arm workout even on two knees.  crossfit is a fun time and they have them all over the country.  unfortunately the one i belong to is too far away for my liking.  i'm most likely switching gyms in the near future due to the commute sucking but in the meantime i still try to make it there twice per week.  this workout was brutal.  there was a 20 minute time limit and even though that sounds long i did not finish the second round.  there was a warmup and a mini workout prior to doing this and i was pooped.

in pseudo-celeb news, the duggars (crazy religious people on tlc's 19 kids and counting) announced that they're having another kid.  they're going for #20.  ummmm...why?  their 19th kid was born uber premature and the mom had some serious health issues.  plus their older kids are in their 20s now.  i would not be able to handle my parents popping out kids, i don't know how their kids are so "happy" with the news.  i know they're super religious and view this as god blessing them with another kid but come on.  20 kids is waaaaaaay too many.  i'm frightened/grossed out about being pregnant once, let alone 20 times (technically she's been pregnant less than 20 times cause they have some twins but even so).  but whatevs they're raking in the dough from tlc, so good for them.  not many fams of 20 kids are able to go on trips like they get to go on so i guess it's working for them.  i also found out that they pay no property taxes because they have so many kids, their house is considered a church.  bulllllllll-shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

also fingers crossed that the beibs paternity test comes back negative.  yes the beibs is probs a huge brat but from afar i enjoy him.  don't want some weirdo baby mama drama for the beibs.

ps. rip heavy d.  hope you found love finally.

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