Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Love Cyber Monday Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!

merrrrrrrrrry christmas.  yup thanksgiving has come and gone and now for me, it's officially the christmas season.  and you know what that ban is lifted!  wahoo.  i took full advantage of cyber monday.  i got free shipping plus 15% off at crate and barrel, 30% off and free shipping at banana republic and gap, and best of all 25% off and free shipping at my beloved jcrew.  i put a solid dent in my shopping.  it was delightful.  to keep with the christmas spirit, AJD and i decorated our tree tonight.  it's legit the sharpest/pointiest tree i've ever touched.  it's so painful.  but it's got a ghetto booty so i love it.

the tree was so fat that we actually ran out of lights at the bottom.  i found some that matched at target.  conveniently i've been jonesing to go to target for some new tights.  target has these awesome tights by merona in all kinds of colors and patterns that have the greatest sizing ever.  i'm talking about m/t aka medium/tall.  literally my dream come true size.  the tights not only stay up and don't roll, but they're long enough and they last for a long while.  i took full advantage of the fact that there were loads of m/t options and picked up navy, brown, heather gray, and black.  maybe after christmas i'll load up on patterned tights.
since i was so proud of myself for holding true to my shopping ban, i may have ordered a few things for myself at jcrew.  around this time of year i like to get myself a new outfit for christmas eve.  i'm not sure if anything i got will make the cut but this gem is at the top of the list:
image from
i personally would not wear an all white outfit but i'm hoping to find some black skinnies or another color pants to pair up with this.  i also could opt to wear it with jeans on christmas day since christmas day is usually a tad more casual than christmas eve.  i still have some time before the next holiday, so i'm sure i'll make at least one trek to copley place to check out what my fav places have in store instead of just online.

happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Lurkey Doo and Turkey Lurkey Da

hey-yo.  happy almost thanksgiving.  my thanksgiving kicked off on monday with a work thanksgiving party where the main event was a turducken.  chicken stuffed in a duck (or the other way around) stuffed in a turkey with crawfish stuffing.  no bones, all goodness.  it was a whole lot of meat but all of it was tasty.  even with all the meat, my favorite part was the stuffing.  spicy crawfish and rice, how can you go wrong?

tonight i have to make my (i think) 5th round of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the year.  i'm actually tired of making these cookies.  unfortunately there was a request for them at AJD's mom's house tomorrow, so I'll be making them once again.  i'm also in charge of the vegetables (not including potatoes).  i know i'm making roasted brussel sprouts, but for the second dish i'm not so sure.  i went to my trusty for some ideas, and i think carrots with dill may be the ultimate winner.  i know green bean casserole is what most people do but frankly i don't like mushrooms even though i like green bean casserole.  i think if i made it myself and saw the amount of mushrooms that actually go in, it would deter me from eating it.

my goal this thanksgiving is to not throw up.  ha.  yes throw up.  last year AJD and i went to 3 thanksgivings.  i tried to eat small portions at the first 2 since my parent's house was last and their food is my favorite, but i think it was just all too much so my stomach literally couldn't hold it in and i threw up everything i ate in the middle of the night.  the only good thing about it was that i didn't have a food hangover the next day like everyone else did.  so i'm dreaming big this year and hoping for a puke-free turkey day.

so since i've put myself on a shopping ban, i only have one outfit to talk about.  (btw, the shopping ban is lifted after thanksgiving so get ready for packages!)  so when banana republic announced that they were doing a mad men themed collection, i fell in love.  the fact that it came out right around my birthday in august made it even better (birthday coupons say heeeeeey).  unfortunately i didn't end up getting anything mad men themed, but the banana on newbury st (which is 4 floors - take the elevator to the top and work your way down - learned this the hard way) got the whole fall collection at the same time.  I ended up getting this awesome fall watercolored dress that you can see in the picture below:
sorry the pic is so small.  in the pic they pair the dress with a beige turtleneck.  i don't do turtlenecks.  so i did what every fashion mag and fashion show and fashion blogger has ever told me and that is to take a summery/early fall piece (like this silk dress) and winterize it.  i paired it with brown tights, brown knee high boots and a navy blue sweater cardigan.  if i do say so myself, it was superb.  i got 2 compliments on it at work and if someone compliments me on my outfit i like to give myself a pat on the back.  i even did my hair nicely which is a rarity for work.  they may have just noticed me since i didn't have my ever popular low ponytail and/or bun like i usually do.

today i'm wearing the closest thing i could come up with that wasn't my pajamas that can still pass as work attire.  we had serious rain this morning so i really didn't want to get out of bed.  so a trendy outfit and getting my hair did was not in my plan this morning.  AJD did not enjoy the rain either so he opted to wait for me to get up and then we drove into boston.  carpool lane holler if you hear me!

so i hope everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving and try not to puke!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's the freakin weekend...

remember that awesome r. kelly jam ignition?  ah college.  a bunch of my friends and i are having a mini college reunion this weekend and so i cannot wait for everyone to arrive.  in the meantime, here's a recap from the last few days.

last night i went to a super dinner party thrown by an old coworker.  it was held at her apt (which also happens to be with her 2 uncles).  the apt is in charlestown literally across the street from the bunker hill monument.  weirdly i'd never been to the monument but conveniently they live next door to it so now i can say i've been there.  the apt was beyond gorgeous, specifically the roofdeck.  apparently it's been featured in the boston globe as one of the best roofdecks in boston and i totally concur.  here's a view of the monument from the street right outside the apt:
anywho, besides that i finally got the jewelry that i was having made/resized in the mail yesterday.  as i mentioned before my grams has cancer and so when she moved up to the great white north, she started bequeathing her jewels to the whole fam.  when i was growing up i always loved this emerald ring of hers that she said i could have when i was all growsed up.  she even had it resized for me in high school.  unfortunately that was during my sheryl swoops' phase during my bball career so my knuckles were usually jammed so the resized ring was too large and in charge for my now shall we say delicate (ha) fingers, so i had it resized round two:
i also had some old jewels that grams had given me remade so i could get more use out of them.  i had a pendant made into a ring and a ring made into earrings.  i had them all set in white gold since i wear that more than yellow gold.  both are my birth stone, peridot (shout out to august babies woop woop).  i should have taken before and after photos but the blog didnt exist before.

it's the week of new jewelry.  this one i had to pay for.  but thankfully i accumulated a lot of gold growing up and since i don't wear it, i traded it in to offset the price of these new jewels.

and in celebrity gossip, demi moore finally announced she's filing for divorce from ashton.  thank god.  the two of them together always pissed me off.  they were always parading all over eachother's twitter.  laaaame.  i like how the hoe that ashton cheated on demi with is now back in the tabloids saying i told you so and now do you believe me?  way to soak up the last 3 seconds of your five minutes of fame hoe.  hopefully the break up will inspire demi to eat something.  girlfriend is looking emaciated.

also, how long ago was daylight savings?  cause i still haven't changed my watch.  its closer to the weekend that way.  at least on my wrist.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Banned in the USA

so i'm attempting to not shop.  its been hard.  i have a problem as i've said before.  i really want to start christmas shopping, but i'm holding out a little longer.  today, i came into work with a nice surprise.  a new necklace!  and no shopping/spending money required.  one of the docs i work with has been in haiti for the past few weeks.  she brought me back this awesome red necklace completely made out of seeds.  its unique and beautiful and i don't have a red necklace so its perfect to add to my ever growing collection.

so AJD has been on the hunt for a new watch with a brown leather strap.  he's much more frugal than i am so he searches for things for a long time before he'll actually buy something, especially when it's a big purchase.  and voila, jcrew new winter arrivals come through:
image from
isn't it purdy?  well so AJD, being the smart shopper that he is, wanted to see it in real life, wanted to know if it was available in stores or just on line, and what the dimensions are (some men's watches are bigger than my head).  so at first i thought, oh just call the store.  but then i remembered jcrew has this chat function on their website where you can chat with people directly at jcrew in real time.  you don't have to send an email and then wait forevs for a response.  so i chatted with stephanie and she answered all my questions in about 5 minutes.  she even hand measured the band since the dimensions weren't written in the watch write up.  super helpful.  another point for jcrew.

got to cut this short. law and order svu is on.  who doesn't love olivia and elliot and my fav b.d. wong.  happy tuesday!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let me see that Tootsie Roll

friday night i headed out with a super group of ladies to estragon ( for some food and drinks.  delicious tapas and very different and unique drinks.   everything we tried was awesome.  the pringa was my absolute fave (beef shank, pork belly, chorizo, bone marrow on toast).  with your check you get these awesome black and white postcards.  i snagged both from our table:
i had a bunch of different drinks that were all delicious but caused a slight hangover on saturday morning.  i'm straight up awful at drinking now.  like real, real bad.  but delicious drinks make it all worthwhile.

saturday night a bunch o'people went up to methuen for a bday celebration.  good times had by all.  i may have overdone it with the giant bowl of tootsie rolls that were at the party.  i can't remember the last time i had a tootsie roll, but i definitely had my fill last night.  i woke up with what i like to call a tootsie roll hangover.  

to pass the time until the patriots' game starts, AJD and i are watching the movie "never let me go."  it's about kids in england who are bred and live to only become organ donors in their twenties.  it also involves a love triangle between carey mulligan, keira knightley, and andrew garfield.  yes, i understand that plot synopsis is the strangest thing ever, but it is an odd movie.  i am not a fan of keira and in this movie she's a snot.  andrew garfield is uber skinny so i'm not quite sure why emma stone is dating him in real life.  cause emma stone is a babe and deserves someone as equally foxy.  carey mulligan is just okay to me.  she's engaged to marcus mumford (aka the lead singer of mumford and sons).  marcus mumford is awesome.  i'm not sure how i feel about the two of them together.  i do think it's a crazy coincidence that they both became celebrities after growing up as elementary school penpals.  i had a penpal from japan but it was girl and she is most definitely not the lead singer of mumford and sons.  carey lucked out with her penpal.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Bird Pretty Things

so last night i went out with a one miss welles (shout out to my first blog follower) to trina's starlite lounge for some dins and drinks.  this picture is actually from a different visit to trina's but i got the same drink last night.  delicious pretty things.  awesome name, awesome beer in an awesome glass.  i got my tried and true, chicken and waffles with spicy syrup.  always delicious.  miss welles got pumpkin ravioli which also was quite tasty.  we both got pumpkin chocolate chip pie to go.  AJD and i enjoyed it when i got home.  it was eh.  wasn't bad, wasn't super, just okay.  check out trina's if you ever get the chance:

yesterday i also tried out my chambray shirt and black skirt combo.  super comfortable and super easy.  i was planning on taking a picture when i got home, but as i always do, i spilled on myself while eating.  i basically always spill on myself so outfit pictures at the end of the day are not in my future.

i know it's super trendy to wear multiple bracelets.  it's never been my thing.  i'm not saying it's now my go to move, but this week i've been testing it out with a couple of different bracelets.  this combo is my favorite:
the turquoise bracelet is from the store zinnia in harvard square.  its super affordable and has lots of really pretty things (mmm pretty things).  the orange/brown bracelet is from banana republic.  both have button closures which i love.  easy on/off and i think the buttons look good with the rest of the bracelet.

also very exciting today was i came home to find that my elusive backordered color block jcrew shirt had arrived.  love the shirt but not sure how i feel about it with the green skirt combo.  the brown part of the colorblock is darker than it looks in the picture.  i'm going to keep it but may not pair it with my fancy new skirt.

also new winter arrivals at jcrew today.  it's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrrrrrrr.  i'm not allowing myself to look though.  nothing will be on sale and frankly the people that work at my apt complex who sign for my packages definitely judge me on the amount of packages i have been picking up lately.  but soon i will peruse what is out there.  i'll probably start christmas shopping soon so more packages are in my future.  soon.  very soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i have a shopping problem.  a big one.  i try to only shop on paycheck weeks and i attempt to buy things that are on sale.  sometimes that doesn't happen:
it's official.  i love that penny loafers are trendy again.  i've always had a flat pair of loafers but never a nice comfortable wedge.  these bandolino suckers are comfy, plus i've been without a brown heel for a couple years now.  yes i said years.  its inhibited me from buying clothes that require brown heels.  but no more!  these were not on sale at all but they're not super pricey and i got them from which has free shipping, so i'll let myself slide.

p.s. if  you couldn't tell i have large and in charge tootsies.  my ski like feet (which by the way have no arch at all) can make even the cutest shoe look gross.  in conclusion, feet are not pretty, especially mine.

i am also awaiting the arrival of a shirt from jcrew.  yes i know i went to two different jcrew's in the past week, but this is an online only shirt.  i'm specifically buying it to go with my new green skirt.  the website had the skirt paired with the sweater version of the shirt i bought, but the sweater is a mock turtleneck (no thanks steve jobs) and i don't want to tuck in a sweater (the idea of tucking in a sweater is weird to me).  so i got the shirt on sale (bonus), but it keeps switching from being back ordered to available so i have no idea when it will arrive:
(image from
i've been buying a lot of orange this fall and it really is delightful.  we'll see if i like this shirt/skirt combo in reality.  sometimes jcrew's outfits only work on people who weigh 85 pounds and since i'm slightly above that i always have to try stuff out.

last night AJD and i tried out stuffed (mozzarella and spinach) pork chops from Dom's in Malden (  I tried to go buy meat here once before, but i was procrastinating watching dvr-ed ellen and anderson after work and didn't make it by their 6 pm closing time.  AJD and i went on saturday and although pricey (as most butchers are) the staff was super duper friendly and helpful, and the meat is delicious.  i enjoyed leftovers for lunch today and round two was quite tasty as well.  we will definitely be back, but only once in awhile since the pricetags are on the larger side and i don't want food stopping me from being able to buy new clothes (ha).

tonight i went to crossfit (my gym).  this was the main part of the workout:
2 Rounds
- 25 Pull-ups
- 50 Push-ups
- 75 Squats
- 100 Sit-ups
no i cannot do a pull up but i can do a scaled down version with exercise bands.  i can't do 100 push-ups without doing the girly version on my knees but its still a crazy shoulder/arm workout even on two knees.  crossfit is a fun time and they have them all over the country.  unfortunately the one i belong to is too far away for my liking.  i'm most likely switching gyms in the near future due to the commute sucking but in the meantime i still try to make it there twice per week.  this workout was brutal.  there was a 20 minute time limit and even though that sounds long i did not finish the second round.  there was a warmup and a mini workout prior to doing this and i was pooped.

in pseudo-celeb news, the duggars (crazy religious people on tlc's 19 kids and counting) announced that they're having another kid.  they're going for #20.  ummmm...why?  their 19th kid was born uber premature and the mom had some serious health issues.  plus their older kids are in their 20s now.  i would not be able to handle my parents popping out kids, i don't know how their kids are so "happy" with the news.  i know they're super religious and view this as god blessing them with another kid but come on.  20 kids is waaaaaaay too many.  i'm frightened/grossed out about being pregnant once, let alone 20 times (technically she's been pregnant less than 20 times cause they have some twins but even so).  but whatevs they're raking in the dough from tlc, so good for them.  not many fams of 20 kids are able to go on trips like they get to go on so i guess it's working for them.  i also found out that they pay no property taxes because they have so many kids, their house is considered a church.  bulllllllll-shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

also fingers crossed that the beibs paternity test comes back negative.  yes the beibs is probs a huge brat but from afar i enjoy him.  don't want some weirdo baby mama drama for the beibs.

ps. rip heavy d.  hope you found love finally.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not in my liquid dreams (shout out to O-Town)

so lunch on friday involved getting some udon noodle soup and sushi at ginza in chinatown with miss andrea.  holy cannoli.  ginza is delicious.  i had a lunch special of udon noodle soup with spicy tuna rolls and green tea.  I immediately dove in and totes forgot to snap a pic for my fancy new blog so you'll have to settle for my placemat:
take my word for it and go to ginza.  it's right near the chinatown entrance/arch.  i'll be back again for sure and maybe will take a picture before i start inhaling my food next time.

after work i was meeting AJD and others for drinks and since he's a working machine i had some time to kill, so i obv went to jcrew in copley to see what kind of sales they had going on and to try and find my liquid silk skirt.  i got there, they had 3 left.  one was my size and it was on sale from $118 to $39.  SCORE!  unfortunately in the dressing room was not a score.  weirdest length ever.  i have long legs and this thing just chopped me off mid calf and was less than flattering.  fortunatley i did make one purchase of a chambray shirt.  fancy way of saying looks like a jean shirt but way softer fabric.  i'm attempting to steal an outfit from a blog i read (  she looks awesome in the chambray shirt and black skirt, but we'll see if i can pull it off, but regardless is was a super soft shirt and on sale, good enough for me.

saturday was a full day with AJD woohoo!  we went and saw moneyball (sidenote: movies that are $6 and at 10:30 am are delightful).  he read the book and really liked the movie, i just saw the movie and thought it was good but kind of slow in parts.  brad pitt of course looked awesome.  seriously aging super gracefully.  it was actually nice to see wrinkles on him.  sad to think that its odd to see wrinkles on people in hollywood but brad still looks good, wrinkles and all.  after that we hit up the mall to find casual brown shoes for AJD.  success at nordstrom.  super helpful dudes in the men's shoe section.  little pricey but the shoes are very nice and will last awhile (may have picked them out and may have strongly influenced the purchase).
when we got home we went for a long walk in the woods of melrose/the reservoir.  since it was daylight savings weekend, we got in a solid walk before it got dark.  it's now in that depressing time of year where its dark when i get up and dark when i leave work.  boo.  but we did get in a solid sunset over the reservoir during the walk:
today i've been a lazy bum, but i did go get a pedicure and manicure.  manicures usually last 35 seconds on my nails but i'm testing out a gel manicure cause it's supposed to last longer.  so far so good.  i was in no way planning on getting navy blue nails but i didn't like the original color that i chose and when they put it in one nail, i hated it so i had to pick a new color under pressure and panicked.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liquid Candy

so last night i went to the cheesecake factory for my old roomie's bday celebration dinner.  the cheesecake factory is out of control.  it's the definition as to why america is overweight.  their menu is completely ridiculously over the top, but it is delicious.  as big as their menu is, i usually only order 2 things.  orange chicken or louisiana chicken pasta (hold the mushrooms).  last night to be extra gluttonous i ordered the pasta.  the portion is humongo so i will be enjoying it again for lunch today.  i also enjoyed 2 martinis.  strawberry (my fave from cheesecake) and i tried a new one, asian pear (not good, had a weird banana flavoring and i hate bananas).  so this taught me to stick with whats tried and true, even though the menu is gigantic.

while at cheesecake i returned my stupid stretch armstrong pants to ann taylor loft (only one pair) and then i perused banana republic and jcrew.  since i spend way too much money at banana i am a luxe card member.  that just means i spend oodles on my banana card and thus get serious cash back.  most people get like $5 or $10 off, but since i have a shopping problem i get at minimum $20 coupons and up to $40 coupons.  i currently have one burning a hole in my pocket and i wanted to use it last night but no dice.  for some reason banana likes to have some clothes be sized by numbers 2, 4, 6, etc and some as S, M, L.  Most of the time M works for me but with some fitted stuff i'd prefer it be a number size.  everything i liked was too big in some spots, too small in other spots.  highly annoying.  the salesgirl commiserated with me. 

so after that let down i went to jcrew.  oh jcrew, how i love thee.  so expensive yet i still love you.  the skirt i wanted to try on, they didn't have.  my new bff topher who works at jcrew explained that the copley jcrew (which is my fav jcrew in massachusetts-they have free personal shoppers who i have dress me just so i can see what kind of outfits go together and then i buy the cheapest part of the outfit and then use my already existing wardrobe to fill in the rest) got the skirt and it sold out in 2 days.  here's the skirt i wanted:
(image from
the skirt is called liquid silk and just looks really comfy.  it's also now on sale online but not enough for me so i'll patiently wait and hope they don't run out of my size.  instead i went home with this beauty which was on sale half off in store (its not on sale online):
(image from
anywho besides that yesterday i enjoyed my first halloween candy of the season and it was awesome.  snickers peanut butter gets 2 thumbs up from me.  (i may have eaten an additional butterfinger not pictured but maybe i didn''ll never know)
and finally is justin beiber a dad?  oh beibs, she's not even cute.  i agree with chelsea handler on chelsea lately last night that this is very "usher of him."  maybe he's trying to up his street cred.  his alleged line to the baby mama is my favorite: "no, let's not use a condom.  it's my first time.  i want to feel everything."   ahahahahahaha.  pure comedy.

speaking of pure comedy.  the trailer for the new twilight movie slays me.  AJD and i literally laughed out loud at the newest preview.  "i've been researching legends..." "the fetus is incompatible with your body.  it's too strong."  bahahahahahaha 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How long do you think Kris Humphries' pants are?

(photo from:
so the big gossip going around is that kim and kris kardashian/humphries are getting divorced after 72 days of marriage (this is a good example for why gay people should be able to be legally married.  if celebrities can get married 25 times for as long or as little time as they want then everyone, including gay people, should have the same right, but i digress).  was it a legit marriage?  was it all for money/publicity?  i don't really care.  kim is a babe and she knows how to make money.  simple as that.  girlfriend turned getting famous from being in a sex tape with stupid ray-jay to raking in an estimated $65 million last year along with the rest of her fam.  she can get divorced 19 times for all i care, it's her life.  basically the one thing i could never get over with them as a couple was their height difference.  she's midget-ish and he's gi-normous.  she's so much shorter than him even when shes wearing like 5 inch heels.  the height difference puts me on edge, but it also makes me slightly jealous.  AJD and i are basically the same height.  that means no heels outside of work for this kid.  sometimes i say screw it and just wear heels around him.  i try to say that me being taller than AJD doesn't bother me but frankly i don't like towering over everyone.  its not just AJD, but everyone in the world.  i'm 5'9" so when i wear heels i'm pushing 6' or taller depending on the shoe.  i sometimes feel like a monster when walking down the sidewalk and on the t.  anywhooooo, kim also never has to worry about pants not being long enough for her.  me on the other hand hold my breath when trying on pants.

here's the outcome of my most recent pants purchase:
sorry for the terrible cell phone picture (the pants are gray not black).  so the pants are too flipping long.  i hate when this happens.  i'm wearing 2 1/2 inch heels and the pants are dragging on the ground.  i'm sorry but i'm 5'9" so with these shoes i'm 5'11 1/2" which is gigantic for a girl.  there are not many almost 6' tall girls strolling around.  the pants don't need to be this long.  there is such a drastic difference between their regular length and tall length pants, i can't handle it.  i actually ordered a tweed pair of pants as well but they have a cuff at the bottom which will be a bitch to hem so im sending those back and keeping the plain gray ones from the picture.  these will for sure hang in my closet until i get the motivation to hem, which is not very often.  i may just take them to get hemmed somewhere but again that requires effort and i get lazy on the weekends.  on a happier note i also bought a new black open cardigan (no buttons) and its perfect.  so score one for another cardigan.  i'm now up to 6,092 cardigans, AJD will be thrilled (we share a closet and my clothes are inching their way more and more over to his "side").