Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What the Sfogliatelle?!

this past weekend was my grandma's 81st bday.  she's the baby of the grandparents.  i'm a lucky duck and still have all 4 of my g-parents.  gramily nan and papa joe just moved into my old digs, aka my childhood bedroom.  my grandma is currently getting chemo for her lung cancer which is why they moved up from sunny florida into the cold desolate place we call massachusetts (their feelings, not mine).  it seriously blows the big one that she has cancer.  as the clever ad campaign says, cancer sucks.  but since it was her bday we had a sweet carrot cake, which i did not try.  instead AJD and i brought some italian pastries from modern pastry.  sfogliatelle and cannolis are my absolute fav.  most people have had cannolis but i'm telling you, everyone must run to modern pastry and have sfogliatelle.  it was just featured on the food network on some new show with duff from ace of cakes.  my dad has sworn by sfogliatelle for years and now the secret is out.  big chris was totes on top of his sfogliatelle game way back in the day.  

also staying with the pastry theme, modern pastry is so much better than mike's pastry.  mike's for some reason is a tourist trap in boston.  every thing i've ever tried at mike's is 3 million times better at modern.  do a taste test and you shall see.

yesterday i found some killer new fashion blogs to add to my go-to blogs.  here's a few of the ladies i now love.  check them out, they're fab:
so while i was perusing different fashion blogs one of the main things i noticed was that there are a lot of mormon bloggers.  i have no idea why.  its so random.  not that it matters at all i just thought it was super strange.  hey if mormons love fashion blogs than i love that about mormons.

to wrap up here's some tidbits about celebrity gossip recently:  
lindsay lohan is doing playboy.  sick life decision.  im not a fan of lilo.  kind of just want her to either go away entirely (ie to jail) or to just pull herself together and continue her mediocre acting career.  mainly i want her out of the everyday celebrity news game.  she bores me.
so ryan reynolds and blake lively have been hanging and banging in boston while ryan films a new movie.  i really want to stalk them out.  ryan apparently has a boston apt.  where oh where is it.  i imagine near tom and gisele.  i may need to make a trip over there.  blake is one of my girl crushes and ryan reynolds is a super fox in my eyes.
also matt damon announced he'll be starring in a new whitey bulger movie directed by ben affleck.  i heart ben affleck's boston themed movies.  i love that he uses real people as extras.  specifically the extras he used in gone baby gone that are on the newscast in the movie when the girl gets taken.  its literally what every person looks and sounds like on the 11 o'clock news in boston.  AJD will be excited because there are sure to be 14 gazillion flyover shots of the zakim bridge in the new movie.  while we watched the town, AJD basically had a heart attack over the number of zakim bridge flyovers.  when we watched the movie round two it really is out of control.  watching the town could be made into a stellar drinking game.

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