Monday, October 17, 2011

i love blogs.

i know everyone reads blogs.  it's 2011.  but i really love blogs.  i have three specific types of blogs that i can't live without: celebrity blogs, fashion blogs (specifically blogs about normal people and what they wear on a daily basis), and sports/entertainment blogs (specifically those geared towards boston).

i have a ritualistic order in which i read my favorite blogs everyday.  it never changes and in my mind is the perfect order.  (side note: i've always thought i have very mild ocd in that i have an intense ritualistic order in which i eat skittles.  this developed due to my mom buying me a 5 pound bag of skittles to bring to overnight basketball camp so i could offer them up and make friends.  what actually happened was i created the ultimate order in which to eat skittles alone in my room (news to my mom: i made friends at camp without bribing people with candy).  my bff in college used to make me tell it to her when she was intoxicated because she thought it was the funniest thing ever.)  so basically i love blogs and have always considered creating one, and today's the day.  i plan to mostly write about random things in my life with no real focus.  yes, that sounds terrible, but what i mean is i'll probably talk about activities i do, food i eat, clothes i like, celebrities on my mind, and boston sports/entertainment.  i don't want to be held down by having my blog be about one specific thing.

so bienvenue (welcome for you people who didn't take french in highschool).

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