Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Nancy, it's only October, what the f?!

snowtober!  wahoo!  no power!  boo!  so my sister was visiting from las vegas this weekend and she hates snow.  cue the most snow ever in october in the history of massachusetts.  i was at my parents house for the weekend as well and unfortunately they lost power.  this would not bother me or the rents but for the grandparents from florida and the sister from las vegas this was a massive issue.  my dad even pulled the whole "we have some seniors here we need to keep warm" on the phone with the police.  they suggested going to the senior center which has a generator, um no thanks.  so i trudged out in my uggs and pjs and dragged fallen branches out of the driveway so the plow guy could do his thang (side note: we never had a plow guy growing up and let me tell you it is an awesome sight to see him at the bottom of the driveway.  the driveway is done in a hot second and very minimal shoveling is involved.  so much different from growing up which was like an all day process to clean off the cars and the driveway) and then we drove around for 2 hours looking for a place to eat.
everywhere was packed (including a line out the door at dunkin donuts cause everybody runs on dunkin) so no dice on that one.  when we returned home, it was a toasty 43 degrees in the house so it was time to pack up and go to mine and AJD's apt.  the whole fam-damily sat on my two couches until the power came back on.  thankfully around 6 pm my mom got word that it was safe to return to the boonies.

the dogs were the only family members that stayed at the house and waited out the power coming back on.  they love the snow.  especially going all mma on eachother while in the snow.
i also recently ordered some new work pants from ann taylor loft.  everything was on sale 40% so i opted for some new tall fit pants.  hopefully they will cover my ankle bone.  i'll post some pics when they arrive.

for celebrity news, michael lohan got arrested twice in three days blah blah blah.  celebrities love dressing up in halloween costumes.  heidi klum's are always the best.  she seriously goes all out.  this year she was some sort of "inside of the body" person.  very intense.  seal usually has a matching outfit but i haven't seen his yet.

on the sports front the patriots and the bruins both sucked it up this weekend.  rob gronkowski and the return of kevin faulk were the only high points for the pats.  the bruins lost to motreal twice.  boo hiss.  marchand and subban had an entertaining fight on thursday.  both are terrible at fighting.  lucic and thornton need to give marchand some pointers.  instead there was an awesome camera angle during the fight that showed the bruins' bench and all of them were giggling while watching the fight. 

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